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Welcome or welcome back to the library. A new school year is underway, and the library is here to support you. We have many different resources that we want students, faculty, and staff to be aware of so you can take advantage of them! (Click on the pictures to enlarge them).

DVDsA new and exciting addition to everyone is our DVD display rack. Now you can browse our DVD selection right in the library. Look through the covers, bring the one you want up to the circulation desk with your ID, and borrow DVDs for 7 days! New covers and titles are being added often.

Location: Near the front door of the library, opposite the circulation desk.

ereaderAnother new addition as of this semester is our e-readers. Now you can check out a book from our 3M collection and then check out an e-reader to take home with you for 3 weeks. This way you don’t have to have a phone or other device that you can read it on, and you can take it with you anywhere!

Location: Check books out in catalog, check out e-reader at circulation desk.

reference booksWhat staples do we have to offer you in the library? Besides the usual fiction and nonfiction, we have reference books, graphic novels, books on display, a quiet reading room, study rooms, and more!

Among our reference books are dictionaries, encyclopedias, subject-specific overviews, almanacs. These books cannot be checked out, but you can make limited copies for yourself or use them in the library.

Location: The middle of the library on shorter shelves.

graphic novelsOur graphic novels are very popular in the library, and rightly so I think! I’m a big fan of graphic novels because you can see the characters as the author or illustrator imagined them, and you have to read the pictures just as much as you read the text. They recently moved to being shelved by the fiction but are still pulled out separately.

Location: Back left of the library under the sign that says “Fiction.”

book displayEvery month the librarians put together displays on relevant and/or interesting topics. Our current displays are books on video games and books on back to school. Other displays we have put together include themes like Halloween, Christmas, Going Green, Gardening, the World Cup, Summer Reading, and Poetry Month.

Location: Past the computers, in front of the library classroom.

study room meets quiet roomWe also have a quiet reading room past the circulation desk where there is no talking and you can read or work without distractions. If you have two or more people that want to discuss something or study or work together, there are three study rooms available to reserve for up to 2 hours at a time. This can be done with a student ID up at the circulation desk.

As always, the reference librarians are at the reference desk by the computers ready to help you with your academic needs whenever the library is open. Stop by, interrupt us, and ask away! We’re here for you!

Check This Book Out! Mirror Earth : the search for our planet’s twin by Michael Lemonick



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Check out the “New Books Display” in the Library for some titles that have recently been added to our collection. Featured this week is Mirror Earth : the search for our planet’s twin” by Michael Lemonick.

Ever wondered if there is another planet in the universe like ours? This is exactly what astronomers and scientists have attempted to find out in the last few decades.  In the book “Mirror Earth : the search for our planet’s twin,” author Michael Lemonick, explores the history behind these exploration attempts, the people who have been and are currently involved, and the possible technology that could contribute to future discoveries. This is a highly recommended book for anyone that enjoys learning about astronomy, space, or would just love to learn about what has been done and what scientists are currently doing to try to find another Earth.

You can find “Mirror Earth : the search for our planet’s twin” and the other titles listed below in our “New Books” display located outside the “Quiet Reading Room.”

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Back to School: Fall 2014 Edition



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Welcome back!

This week Prairie State College officially welcomes back students and faculty to another exciting school year! With the start of the new school year, it is important for students and faculty to know about the new as well as continuing services that the library offers to help them succeed and enjoy their experience at PSC.

Don’t forget to check out the the books at the bottom of this page and those on display near our Library Classroom, as they can help you succeed in the new school year and in your academic career.

Back to School Blog

What is New?

The new One Book is “American Born Chinese” — This year PSC has selected the graphical novel “American Born Chinese” as the book for the “One Book/One Community” reading program.  Read more about the program here.

The Student Chalkboard — Come check out the Library’s Blackboard discussion board located near the entrance of the library. Each week, the library posts one thought provoking question that you can respond to.

Check out the New Books Section — The library now has a New Books Section that is located in front of the “Quiet Reading Room.” This section includes the latest books that the library has received.

Find Resources For Your Classes With The Newly Updated “Subject Guides”: Come check out our newly updated subject guides if you have trouble finding articles, books, or websites for a research assignment in one of your classes.  Unsure how to search for articles, or how to distinguish between scholarly and popular sources? Check out the new “Using the Library” guide, which can help you understand how to use the different resources and services available through the library.

New Databases Have Been Added – The library has added fourteen new databases that can help you in in finding eBooks, research articles, multimedia items such as videos, and other resources for your course research assignments. We have also added OneSearch, and new search engine that allows you to search through all of our books, ebooks, databases, streaming music and video, and more … try it out below!

Some Overdue Fines have been Reduced — Overdue books are now assessed a fee of 25 cents per day, instead of the $1  per day fee. However, all other materials continue to have a $1 dollar per day late fee.

Things to Remember…

Scanning, Faxing, and Printing is Available – Scanning documents is 5 cents per page. Faxing is $1 per page. Printing is 10 cents. In addition, printing in Color is available with the new Color Printer at the cost of 50 cents per page.

Study Rooms are Available — The library offers three study rooms that can be used for studying and preparing presentations.

Services for Faculty Members are Available — Be sure to visit our Instruction Services webpage to learn how to schedule a library instruction session for your classes, learn tips about how you can help us help your students, as well as other services you can take advantage of.

We Are Always Here to Help – Don’t forget to stop by the reference desk, where a librarian can help you find the library resources you need for any assignment. Off-campus and have a question? E-mail us!

Books that can help you succeed this school year and in your academic career…


Staff Favorite: Putting the Marvel Back in Miracleman


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Miracleman: A Dream of Flying (Book 1)
Written by: The Original Author (Alan Moore)
Illustrated by: Gary Leach
Located in the Graphic Novel Section (GN MOO)

Summary: KIMOTA! With one magic word, a long forgotten legend lives again! Freelance reporter Michael Moran always knew he was meant for something more-now, an unexpected series of events leads him to reclaim his destiny as Miracleman! The ground-breaking graphic novel that heralded a literary revolution begins here in A DREAM OF FLYING. After nearly two decades away, Miracleman uncovers his origins and their connection to the British military’s ‘Project Zarathustra’ – while his alter ego, Michael Moran, must reconcile his life as the lesser half of a god.

After 30 years of on-going legal battles, Marvel Comics, finally has the right to release the original Alan Moore run of Miracleman. The series began back in 1982 and was published in a black and white British magazine called WarriorWarrior, at the time, decided to hire a young up-and-coming writer, named Alan Moore to revive a 1950s comic book, called Marvelman, which featured a superhero who received powers by uttering the word Kimota (at the time the most popular superhero in the world was Captain Marvel, so many companies would blatantly rip off his origin). After a brief run, Warrior ran out of money and was forced to cease publication of the book (it was also publishing Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta at the time). After that an American company, Eclipse Comics, began re-issuing the series in color, but had to change the name to Miracleman because of on-going legal disputes with Marvel Comics. Moore would continue writing Miracleman until 1989, when his protege Neil Gaiman took over the series. In 1989, Eclipse went bankrupt and the series was never finished. From that point on, Miracleman, became a sources of legal contention, unresolved until 2011. Because there was no clear indication of who owned the series, re-releases of the Miracleman was not allowed. It was such a rare item that older issues of it would go for up to $1000 on ebay. Eventually, Neil Gaiman created a mini-series called 1602 for Marvel, and used all of the proceeds to wrest legal control of the book away from Image Comics founder, Todd McFarlane. Gaiman even dedicated 1602 to McFarlane by saying “To Todd, for making me do this!”

If you are familiar with an of Alan Moore’s work, then Miracleman should be right up you alley. In it Moore begins his deconstruction of the superhero that he would go on to explore in books like, The Watchmen and V for VendettaIt would also pave the way for the gritty realistic superhero, that would show up in things like Frank Miller’s, The Dark Knight Returns or Warren Ellis’, The Authority.

You can find Miralceman on the New Book Shelf for the next three months or you can learn more about its history and themes in the following articles.

Books by Alan Moore

Books about Alan Moore


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