Earth Week at Prairie State College

On April 22, people around the globe will be celebrating the 41st Earth Day!

Are you thinking that one day is not enough time to recognize the importance of the earth’s health to every aspect of our lives? Well, lots of people agree with you and have stretched Earth Day into a week long celebration! Check out the activities happening around the college on the PSC Sustainability page and join in!

Ok, so you’re still thinking one week is way too little time to figure out how to avert climate change, develop clean energy, create sustainable agriculture, or learn how to cook organic foods? Stop by the library to browse our Earth Week display, and check out a book that will give you the tools to affect the future of our planet!


One thought on “Earth Week at Prairie State College

  1. I love many things about your site: the idea of recommending books to read, the genre covered, and the who we are category…

    Could we try choosing a book for the entire college to read and discuss for the coming academic year? How do we go about such a community book reading and discussion project?

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