Wait…we own THAT?! Cinema

I must admit, I was not a big film person growing up. Just like with books I stuck to one genre and one genre only: horror. I was also of the belief that the book is always going to be better than the movie (actually I still cling to my beliefs) so what would be the point in watching the movie? After a few of my friends became determined to change my mind I gave in…slightly. Movies are definitely an art form unto themselves, and when they are done right they cannot be beat.

One of the biggest surprises that the PSC Library has to offer is their collection of movies. I am not just talking about the unintentionally campy science films, or the extended learning films, or even the nursing tapes. We have a collection of both good quality and just plain fun films. Now there is bad, good, better, and the best news. The bad news is that students cannot browse our DVDs.  The good news is that if you have a certain movie in mind, or just want to pick whatever, you can check our card catalogue or ask one of the librarians for a recommendation. The better news is that if you have a craving for a certain film, and you are willing to wait, we can order it for you at no charge. And the best news is that I am going to sample a few films that we have at PSC:

2001, a space odyssey is one of those masterpieces that just takes you to a totally different world. This movie is a visual and audio delight. The music and the movements of the universe match up so well they become dances. On top of this there are the numerous pop culture references that became clear after you view this film.  2001, a space odyssey revolves around a monolith and it’s affects on the universe and the human race. The one thing that I will warn is that the movie is long, but it does span the dawn of time. A true masterpiece this movie should be watched by everyone, not just sci-fi junkies.

If you would rather be horrified then the dark psychological thriller Repulsion is a must see. Set in London after World War II Carole Ledoux (Catherine Deneuve) lives with her sister Helen(Yvonne Furneaux) in a flat near a convent. When Helen leaves Carole to go on a vacation Carole’s mind begins to unravel leading her to a murderous psychosis. First I was taken aback by how dark this movie is. Also Carole’s decent into madness can be hard to watch at times. But, I know that a good psychological thriller just can’t be beat, especially when it stars the amazing Catherine Deneuve.

Maybe you need to watch a good drama. Whale Rider will give you that “wow what a movie” feeling. Set on New Zealand, Whale Rider follows the story of Pai who, despite her grandfather’s chauvinist ideology based on antiquated ideals, is destined to become the new leader of her tribe. This is definitely an edge of your seat type drama, where you will be rooting for Pai and feeling for her as she deals with her family. Not to mention a few scenes that will have you holding your breath hoping everything will be okay.

Nothing helps break up the horrible tension that comes from studying like a well written comedy. Amelie is without a doubt one of the funniest comedies I have seen in a while. This movie follows the life of French waitress Ameilie as she helps her friends, co-workers, family members, and eventually herself find happiness. While the movie is subtitled it definitely is a nice little pick me up if you are in need.

If you are screaming into the computer screen “But, pscjuan I don’t watch movies to read, or cry, or to think.” Then Predator is exactly what you should be watching. Trust me I am very aware that after you have studied until you have given yourself a migraine nothing is going to help you as much as watching a movie that is easy to follow.  This film’s alleged plot revolves around ‘Dutch’ (Arnold Schwarzenegger), and his ragtag crew of mercenaries who go deep into the jungles of Guatemala where they must fight off the predator who is stalking them (hence the title). Filled with it’s one liners and characters that were so deeply developed they only needed a first name or nickname, you will be able to forget everything that you worked so hard to memorize.


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