Via Chicago

Downtown Chicago Building Roundup: NorthI’ve lived in eight states, thirteen cities, and have traveled extensively. I can simultaneously feel that I belong anywhere and nowhere. I spent most of my early years in Oklahoma dreaming of getting out but not knowing where I should go. Arriving in each new city I would ask myself “could this be the one?” Chicago is not perfect (the Chicago public school system still boggles my mind), but there are so many things about Chicago that I love it’s become a strong contender for “the one.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the “city of the big shoulders” check out some of the books from our collection highlighted below.  We also have Chicago magazine available to check out (learn more about our magazine collection). I’ll leave you with a song from an album I loved when I first moved to Chicago-  Via Chicago from Wilco’s Summerteeth album. While not my favorite song on the album, I often felt like I was “searching for a home via Chicago.”


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