What’s for dinner?

Food Photography for Mayi Fine Dining Restaurant I pretty much get this question daily.  I’m the de facto meal planner and cook.  In fact, I’m contemplating what I’ll cook for dinner right now.  How’s that for multitasking?  Though I often get tired of that daily question, I very rarely tire of cooking.  I especially love to try new recipes and I’m always flipping through cookbooks and tearing recipes out of magazines (not library magazines, of course).

Did you know we have cookbooks at our library?

We do, and guess what?  Some are really great!   I’m currently charmed by the cookbook, “Cooking with Herbs and Spices.” First, it meets what I consider the most important criteria for a great cookbook.  Pictures!  I don’t even understand why there are cookbooks without pictures- well, I do- but cookbooks without pictures often annoy me. I want to be visually inspired to cook a dish.  I want to see how yummy it’s going to taste.  Second reason why I love this cookbook is it helps me use all those dang herbs I grow in my garden every summer.  Not sure what to do with all that sage?  How about sage buttered baby leeks?

Do you have any favorite recipes?  I would love to hear about them.  In the meantime, stop by the library and browse our cookbooks.  You can ask a librarian for help or just wander on over to the TX800 section and take a look.


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