Great Books: The Classics

Classical works of literature are the foundation of our civilization. So are Libraries and Librarians! Who decides what books become a classic? Well in the history of Western civilization, this was decided by the many monks and priests who as scribes copied verbatim all of the literature that they could get their hands on so that it may be preserved and kept safe from the decadence of the “dark ages”(476 A.D. to 800 A.D.). In contemporary times there are many publishers, organizations, and associations who give this distinction to books they deem worthy; and also, many books become so popular through word of mouth that they acquire the distinction of a classic by default. Some believe that if civilization was destroyed, that it could be built again with great alacrity, with the aid of a Library full of the Classics. Our Library is full of them and you might want to check some out! We have a wonderful collection of classics titled “The Great Books” which include authors such as Tacitus, Socrates, and more. If you’re interested in this wonderful collection come to the Library and ask a Librarian to help you locate this treasure trove! Or check out these other smart guys!


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