Check this Book Out! Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer

Check out the NEW BOOK DISPLAY in the Library for some titles that have recently been added to our collection. Featured this week is Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer, a journalist whose work includes writing for National Geographic, Esquire, and Slate.  In 2005, Foer was sent by Slate Magazine to write an article on the US Memory Championship, figuring it would be like the Super Bowl for savants.  What happened was that Foer ended up becoming so obsessed with the Memory Championship that he trained for and entered the 2006 competition (wherein he made it to the finals). In Moonwalking, Foer chronicles his preparation leading up to the 2006 competition, including some memorization techniques he was taught (i.e. Memory Palace).   In a time where the Internet and Smart Phones have rendered memorization skills moot and people now rely more on knowing where to go to get information rather than actually remembering information, Foer writes a strong study and treatise for the need to actually still hone memorization skills.  Couple that with the eccentric characters that dominate the US Memory Championship and interesting techniques used for the competition (some created nearly 2,500 years ago), Moonwalking with Einstein, is both a fun and informative read on an interesting skill set.

You can find Moonwalking with Einstein along with any of the titles listed below on the NEW BOOK DISPLAY.


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