Literary Criticism

Writing an essay can be a daunting experience. Especially when you don’t understand the literature or the time period that you are writing on. Writing a paper comparing the poems of Edgar Alan Poe and Walt Whitman will be difficult if you don’t know anything about the author, the 19th century, the author’s contemporaries, or the genres of literature the authors composed. When trying to accomplish such a task it is helpful to call on some very useful resources that we have available to you here at the PSC Library.

We have an excellent collection of literary criticism books, located north of the computers, in our reference section. From contemporary criticism to period specific (19th century; 20th century) or genre specific such as poetry, short story, or drama; We have what you need. Whether you are old school and prefer hard text or have a proclivity to use digital resources, again we have what you need.

We offer the database MagillOnLiterature Plus. This resource gives access to many articles written on the author of certain works and also on individual works themselves. In addition Magill provides the Master Plots I&II Series (which include plot summaries in addition to analysis). This resource also offers encyclopedia articles on authors, literary characters, and settings. We also have the database Biography In-context. This database provides over 600,000 entries updated daily with biographical information, newspaper, and journal articles on many individuals. So if the literary essay is what you are writing, check out these resources as well as many others that we carry. If you have trouble locating them ask your Librarian!


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