The Three Graces

Canova's Three Graces at the V&A - front left viewI love it when you stumble upon unexpected treasures.  Yesterday, I met a friend at The Art Institute of Chicago, and while we were aimlessly walking around and catching up we came across a new exhibition.  The exhibit’s name, The Three Graces, caught my attention and we went over to investigate.  There were 500 amateur snapshots dating from 1900-1970 collected over the years by Peter J Cohen.  What is so fascinating about the collection is that the subject of each photo is of three women. Why is the exhibit called The Three Graces?  Graces or Charites are three Greek goddesses representing grace, charm, and beauty.

I wanted to learn more about Graces, so today I went over to our reference collection and found some great sources.  We have The Encyclopedia of Greek and Roman Mythology, The Encyclopedia of Mythology, and Dictionary of Gods and Goddesses.  They all had information on Graces (or as I learned from my research- Charites).


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