Founding Fathers of the Republic

Our virtuous Republic was founded in turbulent times. It was founded during an era of revolutions and an age of enlightenment. When searching for answers to today’s political and economic problems we utilize the Declaration and the Constitution of the United States of America as guides. However, at many times we harken back to the philosophies of our founding fathers. Although the concept of who is and who is not considered a founding father is disputed among many, there are personages from our history who are undoubtedly considered founders of the Republic. Titles by pundits such as John Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton abound in the PSC Library’s collection. Learning about the lives, times and philosophies of these fathers of the republic can facilitate a citizen’s understanding of the proper roles of government in America. Among the titles that the PSC Library carry from the founding fathers of America, there are some (perhaps) honorary-foreign-Founding fathers, whose inspiration and ideologies have influenced American policy and thought a great deal. The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith and Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville are excellent treatises that proffers useful commentary on America’s economic, political and social ideals and policies.  If you are seeking knowledge of early American political thought; We have copious amounts of books to sate your appetite!


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