All Black Towns

Black history month is a momentous occasion where as a nation we can extol the recondite achievements and history of black Americans. Some may wonder why there is a whole month dedicated to black history. Some may wonder why we celebrate black history separately from U.S. history. The reason is: because of the discriminatory practices that have kept black history, womens’ history, and GLBT history out of the main stream media and history books.  However, just like with womens’ and GLBT history, mainstream America is now embracing and celebrating these historical achievements and so are we at PSC Library! This year for black history month we have a display laden with information about all black towns. In addition we have colorful pictures, of great quality, that lets one see the history in a more personal way. Also we have four great new books that we’ve added for black history month. These books are all on the subject of all black towns. Some of those titles are Sundown Towns: A Hidden Dimension of American Racism; and Acres of Aspiration: The All Black Towns In Oklahoma.  Sun Down towns, written by James W. Loewen, is a powerful read that reveals the nature of black life in America. It shows why blacks had to build their own towns and the brutality they endured in the towns where they did not belong. Acres of Inspiration, written by Hannibal B. Johnson, shows a world foreign and unheard of to many. A place where blacks created over fifty all black towns and where it was, at one point, thought that blacks may even create there own state. Come check out these books and our display on all black towns.


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