Films on Demand

The Prairie State library has recently subscribed to the great new database Films on Demand, which provides educational films to help you with whatever academic subject you’re studying. With films from trusted sources like PBS, The History Channel, and the BBC, this isn’t just a collection of old obscure documentaries, and you might be able to really wow your professor with what you find.

Create a personalized account and you can save your favorite movies and even create specialized playlists to share with your study group or your whole class.

Click here to watch a playlist I created to watch the acclaimed Ken Burns documentary Jazz in its entirety.

Whether your topic is Spanish or Spartans, geometry or geology, there are a wide array of films to supplement your course materials.

There are also some fun topics such as this film about the history of manga, or this one about how to start your own hip hop studio, or maybe you can teach your professor all about Facebook.

Whatever your interest, check out out Films on Demand for movies that will help you with your classes and spark your creativity.


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