Das Kapital

Spring is here! A time for nascent occurrences and uprisings. The man Known as Karl Marx was all to familiar with uprisings and the new beginnings that a spring could bring. While he may be most famous for his world changing work “The Communist Manifesto,” his magnum opus was actually Das Kapital. In this work Marx explores the value of commodities or the value of things.  Karl Marx expanded the theory of value first well posited by economists such as Adam smith and David Ricardo and left mankind with a treatise that has sparked revolution after revolution even into the present day. Marx was a Marxist, a Socialist, a Communist, and many other things. Many of those names were once taboo and thought to be contrary to American values, but now Marx can freely be touted for the greatness of his wisdom. Das Kapital is a great read to kickoff the spring and we have it available here at the PSC Library! Enjoy your spring!

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