Thinking Green!

April 22nd is Earth Day! In the month of April we celebrate global sustainability, clean air and water, recycling, green energy, and a host of things that keeps our world a safe and sustainable planet. At PSC library we have a plethora of “green” books.  One book worth mentioning is A Simple Path to Sustainability. This book obviates popular concerns advocating for the belief in global warming. However it gives credence to the notion of a grassroots and piecemeal effort that focus more on small buisness owners doing their part to go “green” instead of concentrating on major corporations.  This book serves as a handbook to anyone who owns, is a consumer of, or an aspirant owner of a small business teaching its readers… “sustainable approaches and methodology in today’s business world.”-L. Hunter Lovins-

I recommend this book to all as we all have the onus and natural inclination to be concerned with our preservation and the state of our planet is paramount in the human races’ conservation.


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