FaceBooks and Tweets Tips

So, it may come as no surprise, but the computers in the Library are not always used for academic purposes. Most of the time, you, the student, who comes to experience the library, stops by while you are on break in between classes. And during this break, inevitably 97.7 % of the time you sit down and check a) your facebook account and b) your twitter account (based on completely made up statisitics).

Now, since there is such a widespread usage of these two social media juggernaughts, it stands that there should be some interest in find quality information on how they started, what sort of economic claught they possess, how they can be used, and how they should be used. Well guess what … you can find out all about them using Library Resources. Check out some of the selected ones we have below!

Don’t forget follow Prairie State College both on Facebook and Twitter.

Videos on Facebook

Articles on Facebook and Articles on Twitter

Business Resources on Facebook and Twitter

Psychology Resources on Facebook


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