One Last Summer Read

Sand castle on beachAs summer draws to a close, I enjoy reading one last fun, easy novel before the responsibilities of fall begin.  This year I picked up Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery.  Before Katniss and Peeta fought in the Hunger Games, before Harry, Ron, and Hermione battled Lord Voldemort, even before Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy went into the wardrobe, Anne Shirley was inadvertently causing mayhem on Prince Edward Island. Green Gables is a little farm in Avonlea, a small community on the island.  Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, two middle-aged siblings, decide to adopt a boy to help Matthew run the farm.  In a fortunate mix-up, the orphanage sends a young girl with bright red hair and a vivid imagination instead of a boy.

With nothing but good intentions, Anne gets into one scrap after another.  Green hair dye, leaky boats, and haunted woods are just a few examples of her many adventures.  A perfect escape for readers of all ages, take some time to enjoy the escapades of this lovable redhead before the summer ends.


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