This Staff Favorite involves Bad Poultry: Chew by John Layman


Does everyone remember when the world feared the upcoming pandemic that governments warned would come via a new and dangerous strain of Avian Influenza (H1N1 – H5N1)? In fear of a tragedy greater than the outbreak of 1918, governments developed disaster preparedness plans, while the scientific community looked for ways that this outbreak could potentially spread. Estimates came in that nearly 5 -150 million people worldwide could die. Later, when no outbreak occurred and the world moved on to new and seemingly more concrete problems (like a football player’s non-existent girlfriend), the world seemed to place avian influenza on the ‘tell me if something actually occurs’ shelf.  But still the event that never occurred brings up the question (as non-occurring events tend to) what would have happened if the pandemic had occurred?

Chew: The Omnivore Edition volume 1 – 6
written by John Layman
illustrated by Rob Guillroy
(GN LAY) *find it in the new Graphic Novels Section

Enter the Image Comics series, Chew, written by John Layman and illustrated by Rob Guillroy, where the fallout of major outbreak of avian flu, not only decimates the population of earth, but also transforms the power structure of governments. In this world the FDA and USDA gain powers that supersede former enforcement juggernauts like Homeland Security or the FBI. Poultry is also effectively put on prohibition. Now, think about this a second … How would the elimination of poultry affect your world? What would you eat at thanksgiving? Could you fry up a ball of ground chuck and eat it with mashed potatoes and coleslaw? What would you add to a broth that had carrots and noodles in it? Could you get by on tofu and frog legs? And … most importantly, who would make sure that you are not eating turkey, fried chicken, or chicken noodle soup? Enter Tony Chu, a play-it-by-the-book Philly cop who is about to be drawn into a world of feuding agencies, governmental conspiracies, vampires, bikini clad Russian spies, and over inflated NASA budgets. Oh yeah, and he kind of has a weird power, he is a cibopath.


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