Books We Love for a great book to read? Come check out the library’s Books We Love display.  A combination of classic literature and new treasures, these titles are our favorites.  We laughed, we cried, we couldn’t put them down!

Run through the streets of Vatican City with Robert Langdon in Angels and Demons as he tries to stop an Illuminati plot or travel to Barcelona shortly after the Spanish Civil War and enter the secret Cemetery of Forgotten Books in The Shadow of the Wind.  Follow the troubled tale of addict and card dealer “Frankie Machine” in The Man with the Golden Arm or fight through the harsh post-apocalyptic landscape of The Road.

If you prefer comedy, try Wake Up, Sir! the tale of a young man whose personal valet, Jeeves, steers him through one difficult situation after another.  Romance enthusiasts should grab The Time Traveler’s Wife, a love story about a man with a genetic disorder who travels through time and the woman who waits for him.

For more great titles, check out the books below and come visit the Books We Love display in person.

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