25 Years of Jazz at Prairie State

Jim Marshall : JazzThere are few things that capture the essential character of Chicago more succinctly than its jazz. Its history, its culture, its larger than life personalities. The same could be said of the annual Jazz Festival for Prairie State College, this year celebrating 25 years of amazing performances by jazz greats and clinics for local student jazz ensembles. Get ready for this popular event, taking place February 21-22, by checking out a jazz biography or the amazing collection of Jim Marshall photographs of legendary jazz musicians, learning about jazz culture, or maybe you’d like to get your creative juices flowing with a few improvisations of your own. No matter how you like you jazz – smooth, hard, free, or cool, a stop at the PSC Library is a must.

Madame Jazz
also an ebook
The Autobiography of Count Basie Blowin' Hot and Cool : Jazz and Its Criticsalso an ebook
The Jazz Trope : A Theory of African American Literary and Vernancular Culture Pops : A Life of Louis Armstrong Clawing at the Limits of Cool : Miles Davis, John Coltrane and the Greatest Jazz Collaboration Ever Giants of Jazz
Jazzwomen : conversations with twenty-one musicians The Cambridge Companion to Jazz Jazzology : The Encyclopedia of Jazz Theory for All Muscians Jazz Notes

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