Pi Day

Pi PieToday, 3/14 is Pi Day, celebrating everyone’s favorite non-repeating never-ending decimal number (3.14159265…). For those who need a little geometry refresher, pi is the number that helps us calculate the dimensions of a circle. Math was always my worst subject when I was a student, so it seems a little strange for me to be talking about a math holiday, but it’s hard not to get excited about one that’s celebrated with pie.

While you’re eating your delicious pie, you might as well put pi to use. If you use a 9″ pie plate, what is the circumference of your pie?  Go to the end of this post to discover how you get the answer.

To learn a little more about all the unique features of pi, you can check out Credo Reference, or you can read about the man who has memorized pi to nearly 68,000 decimal places. In a similar vein, we also have books like the ones below which talk about math in interesting ways you don’t normally expect.

While you’re using the library resources to learn more about pi, you can also check out our books designed to make math just a little bit easier. If you struggle with math as much as I have, guides like those below can be a real life saver.

In addition to general math guides, we also have books on making sense of the math that may be required of you in your chosen career field. Check out the titles below for the math you need to know on the job.

… And for those of you wanting to know how to find the circumference of a 9″ pie plate, the formula for find the circumference of a circle is pi (3.14) multiplied by the diameter (9), which in this case comes out to roughly 28.27″.


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