How much do you know about the Civil War?

This week marks the anniversary of the beginning of the American Civil War. 152 years ago this Friday, April 12, southern Confederate soldiers fired upon Fort Sumter, a Union base in South Carolina. In response, President Abraham Lincoln put out a call to the Union states for soldiers.

The war would last for four years, with over 620,000 individual lives lost and over 400,000 wounded. Countless books and articles have been written detailing every aspect of this war, including the individuals who participated and the locations that served as battlefields, both literally and figuratively.

The American Civil War is also a popular topic for films, with over 30 movies in which the war plays a major role in the action.

Curious about this important event in our nation’s history? We have so much here at the library for you! Look below for suggestions in non-fiction, movies, and fiction with a Civil War setting.


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