Free Comic Book Day: Graphic Novels on Display

Free Comic Book DayThis Saturday, May 4th, is Free Comic Book Day. To celebrate it, the Library will be giving away free issue of comics that have been provided by Local Comic Book Store, The Zone Comics (and we encourage you to support your local comic book store by stopping by anytime you are in downtown Homewood).

If you can’t make it on Saturday, for the entire month of May the Library will have Graphic Novels on display that you can check out with you Student ID. So drop by and explore an eerie Twilight Zone inspired story, The Underwater Welder by Jeff Lemire, or get going on Brian K. Vaughan’s new epic series, Saga. You may want to also check out popular authors such as Jonathan Hickman and Mark Millar or see how closely Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead Graphic Novel matches The Walking Dead TV show.

Asterios Polyp
HickmanMain brubaker millar Thomspn

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