Check This Book Out! The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan

ClassroomWelcome back to PSC!  As you get your books together for Fall classes, don’t forget to stop by the New Books Display to see what’s new at the PSC Library.  Several great new titles came in over the summer, including The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan.

In this enchanting book, Amy Tan explores the relationship of two Chinese-American sisters.  Olivia, the younger sister and narrator of the story, describes her relationship with her older, Chinese-born sister Kwan.  When Kwan first comes to America after the death of their father, Olivia is embarrassed by Kwan’s strange attitudes and language.  Kwan tells stories of the Yin World, a world of ghosts and past lives, doesn’t know English, and, in Olivia’s eyes, constantly makes foolish mistakes.  Later in life, when Olivia faces martial challenges, the sisters travel to China to rediscover their heritage, and attempt to save Olivia’s marriage.

Come check out The Hundred Secret Senses and the titles below at the New Books Display at PSC Library!

Book Cover Book Cover Book Cover Book Cover
 Book Cover  Book Cover  Book Cover  Book Cover
 Book Cover  Book Cover  Book Cover  Book Cover

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