Check this Book Out! Midnight and the Meaning of Love by Sister Souljah

Check out the NEW BOOKS DISPLAY in the Library for some titles that have recently been added to our collection. Featured this week is Midnight and the Meaning of Love by New York Times best selling author, Sister Souljah.  If you are a fan of Sister Souljah’s work, then you will not be disappointed with this heroic tale of love and Justice!  Similar to the Coldest Winter Ever, this story takes its readers on a heart wrenching journey to find happiness in life. Told through the eyes of ordinary people who surmount extraordinary circumstances, Souljah’s characters provide us with lessons about life that challenge us to be morally reflective.   In this story we meet Midnight, a young African American male who marries 16 year old Akemi of Japanese descent.  Before their marriage has the opportunity to blossom, Akemi is kidnapped and taken back to Japan by her own father.  Midnight’s love for Akemi leads him on an obscure journey through other cultures where he battles physical and social woes in order to rescue his wife. In the end, his wisdom and expert Ninjutsu skills give him the fortitude to conquer more than he ever expected.

Stop by the PSC Library and check out Midnight and the Meaning of Love or these other great titles!


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