Post Super Bowl Sports

Olympic ringsWinter is definitely here, isn’t it? At least this year’s winter brings us a good activity to do inside, getting cozy in front of the TV – the Winter Olympics! This year they are in Sochi, Russia and run from February 7th – February 23rd. The last time the Olympics were held in Russia was back in 1980 when they were still the Soviet Union. This will be their first time holding the Winter Olympics.

Personally, I prefer the Winter Olympics over the Summer ones, but if you’re not as familiar, here are a few of the events: skiing, speed-skating, figure skating, luge, curling, snowboarding, and hockey. There are a total of fifteen sports, but most of them have multiple events. My favorite is the long-track speed-skating with distances up to 10,000m. You can check out a schedule of the events here.

We have some books about the Olympics as well about a few of the individual sports here at the library and online through ebrary. You can read about cross-country skiing, snowboarding, or ice hockey.

Read about the last time the Olympics were held in Russia/the Soviet Union and the boycott by 65 countries, including the United States. Or maybe you’re interested in the philosophy of the Olympics or the Olympics as sports in general. My favorite is the Mathletics book which talks about how math relates to different sports such as ice skating or about concepts that can relate to many sports, like keeping your balance, going around bends, being on the inner or outer lanes, extreme sports, and fixing tournaments.

Boycott cover Olympics and Philosophy cover Sports in America cover Mathletics cover

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