Check This Book Out! S by J.J. Abrams

SofTheseusCheck out the NEW BOOKS DISPLAY in the Library for some titles that have recently been added to our collection. Featured this week is S. the first novel by film director J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst. For a title that only consists of one consonant and a punctuation mark, “S” is one complicated book (in the best way possible). The New Yorker Magazine summarized it’s plot as “a romantic mystery meta-novel in which two bibliophiles investigate the conspiracy around an enigmatic Eastern European author“. This author, V.M. Straka, is the writer of the book that comes in the slip case for S, called “The Ship of Theseus”. In the book are handwritten notes along with clues such as postcards, decoder rings, and photographed receipts that which were left by two characters, Jen and Eric, who are simultaneous researching it. As Jen and Eric make their way through the primary text of “The Ship of Theseus”, whose main protagonist, S, finds himself awash in a widening gyre of conspiracy theories, assassination plots, and strange voyages, they start becoming obsessed with who the author whom nobody can find. IMHO, S., is really a stunning take on how you can have a book that truly gives the reader a unique experience in its presentation, writing, and story devices. Can’t recommend it more.

You can find J.J. Abrams’, S., along any of these titles in our New Books display just outside of the Quiet Reading Room!

‘S.’ was born out of an idea of a love story and the notion of celebrating the book as an object. In a digital age, it’s a distinctly analog object. It felt romantic to me. – Abrams

Look Inside



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