Total Eclipse of the (Moon)

Photo by Phil Plait

Did you get outside early Tuesday morning to see the eclipse? Have you had the song Total Eclipse of the Heart stuck in your head like I have? Do you wish there was a song called Total Eclipse of the Moon? Well there is! Pretty well done and informative, I think. Unfortunately we didn’t have that clear of a view here in Chicagoland. Luckily the Internet provides us with pictures, videos, news, and more information on the eclipse. The one above is from one of my Twitter friends. I also found an interesting video of the eclipse from the same Twitter friend.

You can find his whole post on the eclipse at

The other thing I was interested in was news about the eclipse. For that, I turned to a Prairie State database called Newspaper Source. The layout is just like Academic Search Complete, so searching it was easy. I searched for eclipse AND 2014 with full text and received 50 results. I tried some other searches as well to vary my results, such as eclipse AND lunar, just eclipse, and searching for eclipse just in the title instead of any field, gave me the most relevant results.

Here are a couple of the results that interested me:

For all you need to know about the moon, ask Mr. Eclipse

Total lunar eclipse will arrive in wee hours Tuesday

If you want to be prepared for the next time we have a lunar eclipse (which is in October of this year, by the way), see another Phil Plait article about viewing an eclipse or check out the book Eclipse! : the what, where, when, why, and how guide to watching solar and lunar eclipses in the library.  Come ask a librarian if you need help finding it!

Photo by Nicole Gugliucci

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