Check This Book Out! iDisorder by Larry Rosen, Ph.D.

When was the last time you looked at your phone? Got on a computer? Answered an e-mail?

iDisorder discusses the impact that technology has on us, our constant dependence on it, and how it is changing our brains. Dr. Rosen explores a list of common psychiatric disorders and how our enmeshed relationship with technology is driving us toward them including: narcissistic personality disorder, hypochondriasis, body dysmorphia, and addiction. Can we put down our phones and have a real conversation with real people? Can we reduce or eliminate the sleeplessness, anxiety, and other negative reactions we have when separated from our technology.

So what can we do to keep from contracting an iDisorder? At the ends of some chapters Dr. Rosen presents a quiz (maybe they should be on buzzfeed?) to help you determine if you are having problems in this area; however he always presents some strategies to both help you deal with someone you know who displays these tendencies as well as things you can do to remediate your own iDisorders. So, how long can you put down your phone?

Come check out this and many other new books from our new book display right next to the graphic novels!


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