Who Will Win the World Cup?

brasil fifaThat is an excellent question. As the Cup has just gotten underway, we’re still almost a month away from learning who will outplay everyone else. By the way, if you’re unfamiliar with what the Cup is, this is an international soccer/fútbol event. It is held by FIFA, and this year Brazil is hosting the Cup.

There are lots of great online resources to use to keep up with the Cup. There is a schedule to see when all the games are, the official FIFA website, Univision – where you can watch games live on your computer (click “En Vivo” along the top), and more. Even just searching social media for #worldcup on Twitter or doing a Google search for “world cup” will bring up many sources. Google will show the day’s scores, too.

Maybe you want to go beyond the net and see what other sources are out there. Maybe you want more of a history than a simple Wikipedia page can cover. I would suggest The ESPN World Cup Companion: Everything you need to know about the planet’s biggest sporting event. The title really says it all. Perhaps you’d like to learn about women’s soccer on a global platform and how it plays out socially and culturally. Then I’d recommend Beyond Bend it like Beckham: The global phenomenon of women’s soccer. If you want something more general, we have a shorter history of soccer in Ultimate Soccer.

The ESPN World Cup companion : everything you need to know about the planet's biggest sporting event 	Beyond bend it like Beckham : the global phenomenon of women's soccer Ultimate soccer

If soccer isn’t your style, you can always look at the cultural side of the World Cup. Search for books about countries with teams in the World Cup such as Mexico, Nigeria, Germany, or Russia. There’s the artsy side including the architecture of the new stadiums built in Brazil. Check out Paulo Mendes da Rocha : projects 1957-2007 about a Brazilian architect. Learn more about Brazil, the host country, historically and culturally through books on campus. These and other books can be found on our World Cup book display.

Check it out today!


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