Catching Up on Favorite Authors

period 8Summer is a great time to catch up on favorite authors’ works or find some new authors to start reading. One of my favorite authors is Chris Crutcher. He has written more than ten books for teens often based on his work as a teacher and therapist “specializing in child abuse and neglect” (Chris Crutcher Biography).

He has also received numerous awards, but that’s not why I’ve enjoyed his books so much. Crutcher writes about real problems that teens have in school, with their friends, and about being teens. I also like that most of the books involve sports in some way from football to track to swimming.  With Crutcher’s background, you know he understands how to tackle the difficult issues.

In his most recent book, Period 8, the main character is a swimmer who has a mentor that opens a room for the high schoolers to discuss whatever is bothering them. What makes this book so appealing is what the teens share, the suspense, and the quality of the author’s writing.

Prairie State is lucky to have five of his books. Two are older ones – Athletic Shorts and Whale Talk are from 2002, and The Sledding Hill is from 2005. As e-books, Prairie State has King of the Mild Frontier, an “ill-advised autobiography” from 2009 and Period 8 from 2013. Whale Talk was the first one of his I read, as it is for many people. The Sledding Hill is actually dedicated to a student from my high school that died in a car crash and was a Whale Talk fan as part of his speech team.

Use the e-book links or come to Prairie State College library to check these books out today!


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