Video Game Month at The PSC Library


video-controlleDid you know that close to sixty percent of all Americans play video games?  (Entertainment Software Association 2-3).

      This month Prairie State College Library is celebrating video games, by highlighting some of the interesting books that are available for students to check out. We have many books on game design and production, the history video games, as well as books on specific game franchises.



       The origin of video games can be traced back to the mid 1940’s and early 1950’s. In the early 1950’s, the first games were created at military and research institutions, including a chess and card game, a war defense simulation, as well as a game called “Tennis for Two,” which was created at the Brookhaven National Laboratory  (The Strong; Brookhaven National Laboratory). Starting in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, the first game consoles known as the “Brown Box” and the “Odyssey” were released, allowing people for the first time to play games  within the comfort of their home (Time Inc; The Strong). This trend continued into the late 1970’s and 1980’s with the release of the Atari console in 1977, and the first Nintendo system in 1985 (The Strong).  Today, video games can be played on numerous platforms, and the video game industry has grown exponentially, generating an estimated 21.5 billion dollars in 2013 (Entertainment Software Association 13). In addition, it is estimated that today close to sixty percent of the U.S. population plays video games, with the average total number of years someone playing being 14 (Entertainment Software Association 2-3). But have you ever considered the industry itself, and how video games are made? Did you know that Prairie State College offers a certificate in “Game Design and Development” ?


       There are many career paths you can take to working in the game industry. This includes working as a game designer, game artist, programmer, among other things. (Creative Uncut). Those that are interested in the video game industry will be surprised to know that games are not created as quickly as you may think, and can take years to develop (TheArtCareerProject). There are many things that go into the process, and it can be a difficult career ((TheArtCareerProject). Nevertheless, it is predicted that in the next ten years, job growth for video game designers is expected to increase some 27 percent (CNN Money). Those interested in pursing such a career, should check out Prairie State College’s  certificate in “Game Design and Development.”

Want to learn more about the history of video games, how to make games, or a career in the game industry?  Check out the “Video Games Display” near the Library Classroom to find the books listed below, as well as other interesting books on the subject!

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