Check This Book Out! Snow-Storm in August

snow storm coverSnow-Storm in August by Jefferson Morley is about a race riot from before the civil rights movement or even before slavery was outlawed in 1865. It even has a big name in it, Francis Scott Key. Do you know what he is famous for? Ohhhhh, say can you see? He wrote the lyrics to the Star-Spangled Banner. In this book, he is the prosecutor of two trials that come out of the race riot. He actually wrote the national anthem before this time in 1835, but it didn’t become so famous until after his death.

Check this book out and see what kind of “snow storm” was happening in August of 1835. Did it really snow? Was it a blizzard? What were race relations really like in the 1830s? How did the trials that Francis Scott Key was prosecuting turn out?

Find this book and other new books on the shelves outside the Quiet Reading Room in the Prairie State College library!


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