Books to Offer Your Children

A bedtime storyI see many children in the library accompanying their parents and caregivers. You are trying to do your work, and the child needs something to do or be distracted by. Well, this month we are displaying just a few of our children’s books to make you more aware that we have books for your child to look at or read when you bring them in!

For the littlest of children, we have board books – books with pages that they can’t tear so you don’t have to worry about them destroying the books. When they get to the age where they can nicely turn the pages, usually around 2.5 or so, I selected some books to put on the lower shelves that they can reach to browse and view the pictures. Picture books for older children that are learning to read or can read already are on the higher two shelves.

Many of these books are award winners, and all of the ones on display are hand-selected to be diverse and hopefully interesting to some youngsters. Next to the display is a long shelf full of more books for children, including chapter books and novels. Just as you might find books on the shelves with a call number, these books are shelved under JUV for juvenile and then by author’s last name alphabetically.

Not only are these books that the child can browse while at the library, but you can check any of these out with your Prairie State student ID and read them to and with the children at home.

The other good reason to use our collection of children’s books is for our early childhood or education programs. You might take one of these classes: ED 220 Children’s Literature (3), ECED 205 Language Arts for Children (3), EDU 205 Language Arts for Children (3). You can find more about the program here or about the classes here.

So feel free to bring your children next time you have to get work done in the library and show them the benefits of books and libraries! Click on the book covers below to see more about each book. Ask Kelly Mueller or any of the other librarians if you have questions and checkout what we have to offer your little ones!


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