Check This Book Out! The Buying of the Presidency? FDR, the New Deal, an the election of 1936

Lately there has been quite a few TV shows focusing on American politics and politicians.  It seems every other commercial is enticing you to tune in to see what happens next in the White House.  If you’re a fan of Scandal and House of Cards, this new title by Political Science Professor Si Sheppard might just catch your eye.  In his new book, Sheppard uncovers the hidden roles that money, patronage, and power played in the campaign of 1936, through the use of previously unpublished private correspondence and internal memos from Roosevelt and the files of his political “fixer,” Democratic Party Chairman James A. Farley.  He discloses the secret history of Roosevelt’s New Deal, that has been largely unstudied despite being called Roosevelt’s greatest political triumph and the making of modern America.  I’m sure Frank Underwood and Olivia Pope would be impressed.


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