Try Some Classical Holiday Music

While it’s certainly not hard to find Christmas and other holiday music this time of year, some of it gets a little repetitive after a while. Why not try something a little different from the usual carols and popular renditions? Some of the great pieces of classical music were written for the events and celebrations of the season, so this is a perfect time to give a listen to them!

In order to get to this music, you can use a great site called Naxos Music Library.


Naxos Music Library logo

Naxos has tons of a fantastic classical music, over 1.7 million tracks, all available for streaming directly from a computer. Because the site is only available to students, faculty, and staff at Prairie State College, you will need to log in if you are listening from off-campus, just follow the on-screen directions.

To get started right away, just enter your keyword in the search bar up at the top and click search:

Naxos Music Library search bar

Then, when you’ve found something you want to listen to, click on the title. You’ll be presented with a list of tracks. Check off the ones you want to try, and then click on the play button on the left:

Naxos Music Library play instructions

Here are some interesting pieces to try out before you get searching on your own!

J.S. Bach – Christmas Oratorio

J.S. Bach - Christmas Oratorio

G.F. Handel – Judas Maccabaeus

G.F. Handel - Judas Maccabaeus

Anonymous (Performed by Sequentia)Verbum Patris Humanatur

Sequentia - Shining Light



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