Back to School: Fall 2016 Edition

Back to School BlogThe Prairie State College Library welcomes back students and faculty to another exciting school year! With classes starting up, it is important to know about the new as well as continuing services that the library offers to help them succeed and enjoy their experience at PSC.

Don’t forget to check out the books at the bottom of this page and those on display near our Library Classroom, as they can help you succeed in the new school year and in your academic career.

What is New?

The Library’s Facebook PageThe Library has a Facebook Page. Like it to get Library news, updates, books recommendations and more!

Ask-a-Librarian You can now easily get a hold of a librarian even while you are off campus using our chat box. You are now also able to Text your questions. For times when the Library is closed, try out our FAQs page that provides answers to commonly asked questions as well as a easy to use email form. For more information read our instruction guide.

Try an Ebook Collection for Fun: Entertain yourself with the cloudLibrary™ App which features our popular fiction and non-fiction titles. You can read up on using cloudLibrary™ App using our instruction guide.

Try an Ebook Collection for Research: You can also use the Library’s academic ebook collection, from EBSCO, to help with your research and education. In this collection you can read, notate and download any of our 100,000+ books on academic topics.  You can read up on using the EBSCO Academic Ebook Collection by using our instruction guide.

The Library Chalkboard — Come check out the Library’s Blackboard discussion board located near the entrance of the library. Each week, the library posts one thought provoking question that you can respond to.

Check out the New Books SectionThe library now has a New Books Section that is located in front of the “Study Rooms.” This section includes the latest books that the library has received.

The Library has a New Catalog: The Prairie State College Library, along with over 70 local libraries, use what is called the SWAN Catalog, which has recently gotten a new look and interface. Continue reading to find out more on using this new catalog to see what we have or to order books and movies from our partner libraries.

Things to Remember…

Scanning, Faxing, and Printing is Available — Scanning documents is 5 cents per page. Faxing is $1 per page. Printing is 10 cents. In addition, printing in Color is available with the new Color Printer at the cost of 50 cents per page.

Study Rooms are Available — The library offers three study rooms that can be used for studying and preparing presentations.

Services for Faculty Members are Available — Be sure to visit our Instruction Services webpage to learn how to schedule a library instruction session for your classes, learn tips about how you can help us help your students, as well as other services you can take advantage of.

We Are Always Here to Help — Check out our Ask A Librarian Page for more information on how the library can help you out!

Books that can help you succeed this school year and in your academic career…


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