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Founded in 1957 as Bloom Township Junior College, Prairie State College’s (PSC) first classes were held in 1958 in the basement of the First Christian Church. Originally established to offer only transfer liberal arts courses and occupational-technical courses, The College was reorganized in 1967 as a Class I junior college. With the combining of four high school districts into an enlarged territory, Bloom Township Junior College was renamed Prairie State College.

In August 1, 1963, Bloom College Dental Assisting School received full accreditation. It was the first Dental Assisting School in a Community College in Illinois to be fully accredited.

In January 1967, Dental Hygiene Program was approved to to begin classes. In September 1967 it moved from its original location Wallace House to Saint James Hospital.

After a few setbacks due the accreditation process, Dental Assisting Program was reinstated in February 1974 and classes resumed in September 1974.

Today, Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene Program is continuing its classes on the new campus on Vollmer Road and Halsted Street.

As part of the Commemoration of 60th anniversary of the Prairie State College, Library Archives will be displaying old photos of the Dental Assisting/Dental Hygiene Students and Faculty in Room 1222 from June 26, 2018 until July 26, 2018.

Denatl Hygiene Class Date Unknown
Dental Hygiene Class Date Unknown
Dental Hygiene Students Date Unknown
Dental Hygiene Students Date Unknown

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