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A Midterm Reflection

The end of February/beginning of March is a hard time of year under better circumstances. We are over winter, but winter isn’t over us. It is staying light after 5:30, but the weather is still too cold to be enjoyable. That’s under better circumstances, which is far from current events. I recognize that those of us who have been stuck inside for almost a year are the lucky ones.

Since this is a hard time, let’s take stock of the semester so far. Let’s reflect on it as midterms are quickly approaching. I’ll post my personal reflections below and I invite you to participate yourself. Writing can help you sort out your feelings in general. I’ll briefly reflect below and then there’s a spot to add yours too.

I’ll give you a writing prompt so that you aren’t staring at a blank page:

What three words best describe your semester so far?

Here are mine with explanations:

Ritardando: Music was my undergraduate degree. A ritardando is a gradual slowing down of a musical tempo. I started the semester caught a little off-guard, but then jumped in the deep end. Things were going well and if anything I was typing quickly to stay warm. Now that we are nearing a year of the pandemic, I’m struggling, and gradually slowing down.

Focus: I’m struggling to focus and needing to double down on strategies to keep the wheel moving. I’m also trying to give myself permission to be a little scattered.

Grace: I had a baby last May. My work has been decent, but not pitch perfect. I need to give myself some grace for working during the pandemic. For putting on pants and opening my laptop. For showing up. I will give myself some grace and a pat on the back for doing “the thing.” That’s enough.

Now it is your turn. How’s it going there? What three words best describe your semester so far?

I’ve created this Jamboard for you to add your three words if you are comfortable. If you want to write, but don’t want to share, by all means do that. This link will go to a private space to sort things out.

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