Wait…we own THAT?! Pride

June is Pride Month, which is a time of celebration for the LGBTQI community. Originally started as a commemoration of the Stonewall riots, it has now grown to a full month of LGBTQI awareness. This month is also supported by many politicians including President Barack Obama when he stated, “I call upon all Americans to observe this month by fighting prejudice and discrimination in their own lives and everywhere it exists.”

The LGBTQI community is flourishing both as a community and as a culture. In recent history the culture has really shown itself in the American landscape. Here at PSC we are celebrating Pride month with a display of our LGBTQI literature. Just to let you know we do have films too. Many of them have not been put on the shelf yet, but as soon as they are the list will be put up. To aid in the book you should read to celebrate Pride month here is my review of some of our LGBTQI books:

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Wait…we own THAT?! Comics

I am not sure what it is about comics, but there is a certain type of magic to them. It could be how they have grown in the United States over the years (comics have long been considered an art form in Japan and France where they are referred to as manga and le neuvième art respectively). Maybe it’s because many lifelong readers started with comics and moved  to other works from there. As a matter of fact growing up comics were a big part of my reading lists (I’ve read comics from Archie to the Maxx).

Whatever the reason comics have really come up and have evolved from kids pastimes to artistic expressions dealing with serious issues (made very evident when Maus won the Pulitzer Prize special award in 1992). The PSC Library had an interesting collection of comics. They were few, but many of them were of good quality, and are important to the genre. But, recently the library has obtained several new and fantastic titles that bring more variety to PSC’s comics collection. PSC does not have a particular section for the comics collection, but if you ask any librarian they will help you out, and right now we have an awesome display of our comics collection. Not to mention my own list of must read titles:

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Wait…we own THAT?! Cinema

I must admit, I was not a big film person growing up. Just like with books I stuck to one genre and one genre only: horror. I was also of the belief that the book is always going to be better than the movie (actually I still cling to my beliefs) so what would be the point in watching the movie? After a few of my friends became determined to change my mind I gave in…slightly. Movies are definitely an art form unto themselves, and when they are done right they cannot be beat.

One of the biggest surprises that the PSC Library has to offer is their collection of movies. I am not just talking about the unintentionally campy science films, or the extended learning films, or even the nursing tapes. We have a collection of both good quality and just plain fun films. Now there is bad, good, better, and the best news. The bad news is that students cannot browse our DVDs.  The good news is that if you have a certain movie in mind, or just want to pick whatever, you can check our card catalogue or ask one of the librarians for a recommendation. The better news is that if you have a craving for a certain film, and you are willing to wait, we can order it for you at no charge. And the best news is that I am going to sample a few films that we have at PSC: Continue reading “Wait…we own THAT?! Cinema”

Wait…we own THAT?!

Reading is my first love. As a kid my mother had no problem purchasing primers for me. As I got older I gradually moved up from R.L. Stine, Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, J.R.R. Tolkien, and H.P. Lovecraft. While I enjoyed everything that I read I will admit that I was not an adventures reader. If it had nothing to do with horror, science-fiction, insane alien landscapes, or hobbits I was not interested.

That is until I started working in the PSC Library. Part of my job is to put back books that were returned; at first I was indifferent to the books that were not what I normally read. But, I started taking simple glances, which turned to light readings, that ended with me checking out books that I had to keep from reading on the drive home (a dangerous idea by the way). Eventually I became like a foodie in a restaurant and tried everything: the good, exotic, spicy and bland. I have read a good chunk of it all.

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