Staying Fit During The Winter

During the winter months you might find it difficult to make it to the gym, let alone workout.  It’s serious dedication to pack your gym bag, and trek through snow and sleet just to get there.  So to get you inspired to move this winter, check out these books on fitness you can do from home, or at the gym, to help you feel your best:


You can also check out our magazines in library:

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Check this Book Out! Modern Piracy by David F. Marley

This Month we a putting up a New Books display with a lot of great reads! One book worth mentioning here is Modern Piracy by David F. Marley. This book discusses contemporary world issues and one issue that is causing major disturbances to world commerce is modern piracy. We all know about the pirates of the Caribbean and perhaps the Barbary pirates who caused much damage in the Atlantic and Mediterranean but these modern pirates are much more civilized, tech-savvy, armed, elusive, and dangerous.  Besides this great book we have many good reads in our New Books Display this month.

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My introduction to yoga happened in the early 90s when I came across a Jane Fonda yoga video.  I was living in a small town in Oklahoma, so it was my only access to yoga.  I played that tape so many times that I now have a sentimental attachment to Jane Fonda. My love of yoga grew over the years and I finally decided to enroll in a teacher training program.

One of my text books is Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff.   The illustrations are beautiful as well as informative. Continue reading “Yoga”