Don’t Get Left Behind: Check Out These Movie and TV Tie-ins Ebooks with 3M

BannerWe live in an age where movie studios and TV networks love to adapt new shows and movies from previously established books. From big blockbuster ratings smashes, such as Game of Thrones to smaller Indie flicks like The Fault in Stars, books have found their way into the mainstream of the industry. The good news is that you can find a lot of these books, like last years Oscar Nominees, American Hustle (The Sting Man) and 12 Years a Slave, to upcoming releases like FX’s The Strain and the David Fincher directed, Gone Girl all for free using the Library’s eBook service 3M Cloud Library.

If you are new to using 3M you can find a detailed description on how to use it here, in our article 5 Steps to Checking Out Ebooks. After you download the App you can read any of the books on your PC, Tablet, or E-Reader with the simple touch of a button. So go on and say, “yeah, that show was okay, but you should check out the book”, there is nothing stopping you.

You can also find more Movie and TV Show Tie-Ins in 3M or if you want see what else we have in the collection you browse our shelves here.