What I wish I had known as a student:

Believe it or not, we were once college students too. We made great friendships, stayed up too late, and ate entirely too much pizza. We didn’t always know what we were doing though, and sometimes we struggled, when we didn’t need to. I wish I had known how many folks on campus were happy to point me in the right direction.

In this month’s blog post of Library HELP!: a monthly blog to help you student, the library crew answers, “What I wish I had known as a student:”

  • Four year old Joshua Levin accepts his pre-school graduation certificate and silhouette picture from Maureen Burke, Headstart teacher for the prairie state College Pre-School Program, during recent graduation ceremonies for the children
  • Picture of woman in early 1980's in graduation robes.
  • Man giving a graduation speech in 2000
  • PSC college graduate receiving a diploma in 1985
  • Woman smiling at 1997 graduation ceremony
  • Woman in 1999 giving a graduation speech

All of these images came to you from the PSC Archive. Pay the archive a visit if you would like to see more fun images and learn more about PSC history. Simply contact Alex Altan, College Archivist, at (708) 709-3553 or aaltan@prairiestate.edu.


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